What is the true cost of Emergency Department Wait Times?

By Asaf ashkenazi

It is estimated that there are about 470 avoidable fatalities monthly due to delayed ER admissions in Ontario alone. Jean-Pierre Eskander, a Healthcare Innovation and Transformation Executive recently shared this shocking numbers.Thanks to Dr. William Jaquis, who shared this post with us.As can be seen, the situation in Ontario is even worse than the situation we have recently discussed here,  in our recent post about UK and Israel. It is in line with the global trend - patients are in the hospital for too long.The models we develop at Maisha, based on machine learning, allow our clients to reduce the length of stay in the emergency room in particular and in the hospital in general. Observing our data, we know that reducing the length of stay is possible and might be executed without affecting  the medical procedures integrity Shortening a hospital's length of stay reduces the phenomenon of 'Hallway Medicine' and reduces the existing burden on the medical staff, thus raising the quality of care. In addition, as we showed in the previous post, an unnecessary hospital stay is associated with an increased risk of mortality.Therefore, shortening the length of stay in the hospital saves lives.